Benson Grove Baptist Church is prayerfully considering to hire a full-time Director of Outreach Ministry. See the job description below and please contact our Senior Pastor Brother Billy Cashwell for more information:
Office: 919-894-4120
Mobile: 919-669-4225

Director of Outreach Ministry

  1. Prepare spiritually by prayer and study of the Word of God – asking God to give you a heart full of compassion of God for church and the lost – asking for power and wisdom.
    1. Personal soul winning
    2. To recruit and train church members to visit, witness, invite and bring visitors, to keep them in prayer and keep in touch with them until they are saved, baptized and join church service.
  2. Make sure Sunday School worker follow up on all absentees each week.
    1. Help develop outreach mentality in Sunday School – not to just teach those that show up But to teach, pray and evangelize.
    2. Keep it before them each Sunday.  Recognize, welcome and get to know each visitor.
    3. Work the worship service to speak to visitors and members not in Sunday School – get to know them and their family – encourage them to get whole family in Bible study.
    4. Call and visit visitors, get Sunday School and Church members to adopt a visitor.
  3. Work church roll – inactive members.  Remember that each member represents 100-200 prospects.
    1. Reach families – visit and call weekly until they are active again.
    2. Encourage them to serve – choir, greeter, to be active again in all services and meetings
  4. Develop a regular system to contact all shut-ins – someone to call or visit weekly.
    1. Make sure CARE Ministry and Helping Hands are aware of special needs.
    2. Get to know their extended family and try to reach them and get them in church.
  5. Develop evangelistic mind-set in all members – each one bring one and pray for them, witness to them, win them, guide them.
    1. Develop plan of neighborhood outreach – subdivisions
      1. Cultivate friendship – Home bible study
      2. Handouts for special events
    2. Make sure we get handouts about any special days or events – make every effort to get them in the building as often as possible. (one visit will not work – Law of seven touches)
    3. Church brochures, flyers for all members to give out in their area.
  6. Help Sunday morning attendees to be in all services and special events “all together in one accord”.
  7. Encourage fishing team – two men or two women to do regular visitation – target families or individuals at least one a week.
  8. Get church members involved in praying for the lost and unchurched by name.
    1. Prepare list
    2. Email five names weekly
    3. Encourage them to contact those they pray for by card, call, email.  Pray for them like family.
  9. Develop vast outreach through E-ministry.
    1. Reach Facebook or email of everyone within 50 miles.
    2. Regular E-visits.
    3. Develop plans for E-Church to become church members.
      1. Receive copy of bulletin
      2. Phone Tree
      3. Schedule baptism any day of week for those that want to be baptized.
      4. Contact us for pray, special needs – daily or weekly.
      5. If possible visit when in hospital.
      6. They are to contribute online and receive contribution letter at end of year for tax purposes.
      7. Assign them to Deacons, church members and Sunday School teachers to keep in touch.